Western Monferrato – Gabiano between the river and the hills

This itinerary twists and turns between the river Po and the surrounding hills, passing through small villages. You can enjoy an amazing view on the surrounding hills and the Alps up to the Monviso.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi


    From the parking near the public scale in Piagera, turn right towards Gabiano, pass the crossroads to Villamiroglio and, after the bend, take the first dirt patch route on your right, that turns into paved (you can deviate on the left to see the Miroglio Castle’s ruin).

    Proceed up to the sign Rairolo; here the road rises more and more strongly, up to cross a gravel road, turn left descending and you’ll reach the first houses of Varengo.

    Turn right on the paved descending road, reaching Rosingo and just few metres after the bend, turn left (Via Fratelli Bandiera); after a hairpin turn you will be on a dirt patch road and  when you cross another dirt patch road, turn right descending and then rising again you’ll reach the paved road, here turn right descending to the valley and take the SP 1 turning right for few metres, then turn right to Martinengo and Cantavenna; the road rises slowly, keep on the left and cross the hamlet of Martinengo; go on rising and you can enjoy a view on the surrounding Alps up to the Monviso; you reach Serra and then Cantavenna on the SP 5, turn left and proceed up to Zoalengo (on your right there’s a panoramic viewpoint on the plain and the power station of Leri Cavour).

    Once you reach the first houses of the village, descend to the left (at the turn, on your right, there’s a play area for children and a panoramic viewpoint), then immediately under the underpass; here the road passes between the hills and, descending quickly, you’ll reach the Plain, known as “Piana delle Ghiaie” (Gravel Plain), a fertile area with several different crops; you’ll find an only crossroads, here go straight ahead for 600 m., turn left after about 900 m. (otherwise you can turn right and reach the river in the park area of Parco del Po e dell’Orba). Go straight ahead and you’ll reach Piagera, turn right on the SP 1 and you’ll reach the public scale, our starting point.


    Starting and arrival: Public scale in Piagera, Municipality of Gabiano

    Total length: 19,4 km

    Rising: 462 m

    Descending: 445 m

    Bottom: paved, dirt patch and gravel road

    Best period: from April to June and from September to the end of October. Avoid after rain

    Difficulty: average












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