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Western Monferrato – Cerrina Valle and its surroundings

You’ll ride through villages in Valle Cerrina, among hills covered by vineyards up to reach San Quilico Tower dating back at the XII century, bell tower of the ancient S. Quilico parish church, now disappeared. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Western Casale Monferrato

This itinerary twists and turns between the plain and the hills. From Casale rising on the hills overlooking the river Po, you’ll rise up to Camino, dominated by the ancient castle which dates back at 1000, to go down again on the plain along the Po bank. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Eastern Casale Monferrato

One of the few flat parts of Monferrato, from Casale to Valenza along the Po’s banks, for a long way you’ll run along the Po’s bights, surrounded by rice fields, poplar trees and, on the way back, by vegetables fields. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

3 – Avanti Savoia

MONFERRATO OUTDOOR by mountain bike