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Western Monferrato – Verrua Savoia

The itinerary takes its name from the famous exhortation “Avanti Savoia”, war cry which the Royal Army attacked the enemy troops with. The starting rise is actually very steep up to the fortress to go on then softly on hilly paths.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi


    Out of the picnic area, on the tunnel’s left, rises a steep path; don’t get discouraged, but you have to hand carry your bike for the first metres. Otherwise, you can take the paved route to Verrua Savoia, passing under the tunnel, turning left and taking the road rising. Anyway, we suggest the path, always quite free of greenery.

    Once on the top, take the gravel road to the Fortress. This road brings to the paved route that rises to Verrua Savoia, cross it and take a small road alongside of some houses, then proceed through a field and you’ll reach other houses.

    Go ahead and pass through the village of Verrua Savoia, proceed up to a road on your left with the sign “Borgata Scandolera“, take it (paved for some metres and then easy dirt patch); you’ll pass alongside of a farmstead (here starts the A Variant) and you’ll reach a crossing place on the hill where there’s a plaque in memory; after crossing, a slope starts and brings to “Borgata Scandolera“. Go ahead descending , the road turns into dirt patch across the fields up to “Frazione Cervoto” (here starts the Cervoto Variant).

    Proceed with the hamlet on your left and follow the road leading to the main street that brings to the village, turn right, again on the right at the first crossroads and follow the sign to Robella SP 112 (here starts the Paved Variant); go ahead on the paved road for 1,6km and you’ll reach “Borgata Casa del Bosco“; leave the back road rising on the left, with the church on your right; then the road turns into dirt patch, go ahead avoiding every  deviation, go on rising (don’t drift descending, even if the route is more evident), when you reach a right bend there’s a steep rise to the “Bric Scieis 361 m.” where a slope starts that brings to “Mezzalfenga“; passing in front of the houses, on you right you can enjoy an amazing view on the hills.

    Go ahead descending up to the SP 112. Turn left, reach again Cervoto and cross the village. Then you’ll reach “Longagnano” and after few metres again on gravel patch for about 1,5km; when you reach a paved road, turn right towards “Località Valentino“, where you can enjoy a view on the plain and the Alps.

    Go on following the signs to Verrua Savoia and Crescentino. Beyond Verrua Savoia, you can decide to reach the starting point on paved road; in this case, follow the sign to Crescentino and, before the bridge, turn right towards Casale Monferrato. Otherwise, you can take the path you took following the signs “Fortezza” (you can get to your car riding, but pay attention descending).

    A Variant

    As you read, from the road sign “Borgata Scandolera” after about 250 m. you pass alongside a house; behind it, on the left, a dirt patch rise starts (MTB indication on metal sheet); after some rise and fall you’ll reach the crest of the hill, starts a slope; pay attention to the furrows left by rain; once you reach the gravel road, turn left and returning on the original itinerary, you’ll reach “Cervoto”.

    Cervoto Variant

    This Variant is thought for people who want to shorten the itinerary; you’ll see some MTB indication, yellow and red signs.

    Paved Variant

    On the SP 112, turn right and follow the road signs to Sulpiano and Verrua Savoia. Here follow the outward itinerary.


    Starting and arrival: Pic nic Area beyond the tunnel (coming from Crescentino, just after the bridge turn left at the crossroads, after the tunnel at your left)

    Total length: 25,5 km

    Rising: 853 m

    Descending: 832 m

    Bottom: paved, dirt patch and gravel road

    Best period: from April to June and from September to the end of October. Avoid after rain

    Difficulty: average













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