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Eastern Vercellese

Along rice fields, passing by typical farmstead, once inhabited by “mondine” (women who worked in the rice fields) and today often in ruins, you can ride along the gravel roads used for rice threshing ride along the river Sesia bank near the two rivers confluence. MONFERRATO...

Vercellese – “Partecipanza” Wood – Trino

Inwards the “Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino”, discovering the last example of the forests which once filled the Vercelli plain, cut down in Medieval times during reclaim works. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Along the river Po by bike from Crescentino to Valenza

The bike path along the river Po is made up of a main way which twists and turns on the left side of the Po and of many secondary ways which let you reach villages with great historical and nature value both on the plain and on the hill. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Asti Monferrato – Romanesque Road

A tour to discover Romanesque churches you’ll mainly find in the Asti territory. From secondary churches to the Vezzolano Abbey, one of the most important medieval monuments in Piedmont. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Western Monferrato among castles and hills

Tour in Monferrato, starting from hills overlooking the river Po, following Valcerrina up to Crea Sanctuary, UNESCO World Heritage and Regional Natural Reserve on one of the highest hills of Monferrato. You an also have a panoramic tour of the Sacred Mountain, with its amazing...

Eastern Monferrato – From Casale to Valenza along the river Po

From the ancient Casale, the heart of Monferrato, we start to discover the plain which brings to Valenza, riding across poplars and rice fields, running along the river Po. Once you reach the majestic Pomaro Castle, you’ll reach the gold town rising up to Monte Valenza....

Asti Monferrato – Ruchè Tour

Discovering the land where Ruchè wine is produced, a rare local vine variety grown in Castagnole, in Asti Monferrato which obtained the DOCG in 2010. It’s considered an interesting niche wine by wine experts even worldwide. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Western Monferrato – Villadeati – Lower Monferrato

Among vineyards and hills you can enjoy unforgettable landscapes and views on the Alps. From the village of Murisengo, dominated by the Castle, you’ll drift towards the characteristic village of Montiglio, with Romanesque churches lost among villages’ cemeteries....

Western Monferrato – Verrua Savoia

Along the remains of the ancient Verrua Fortress, built between the X and the XI centuries. We are at the border between the Turin, Vercelli and Alessandria districts, where Casale and Turin hills meet: the itinerary allows you to enjoy an evocative view. MONFERRATO OUTDOOR

Western Monferrato – Gabiano, among the river and hills

Amazing itinerary on panoramic location overlooking the river Po, passing through vineyards surounding Gabiano castle, one of the most ancient and wide castles in Monferrato. The remarkable size of the Gabiano castle rises overlooking the river Po, with an amazing panoramic view....