Western Monferrato – Ruchè Tour

Discovering the production land of Ruchè wine, a local vine variety grown in Castagnole, which obtained the DOCG in 2010. The itinerary twists and turns among villages and hills of Asti Monferrato, running through Portacomaro, where family of Pope Francis lives, Casorzo, Grazzano and Moncalvo.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi


    The itinerary starts from the main square in Portacomaro; descend and then go ahead on the level ground for 4 km towards Migliandolo, then turn left towards Scurzolengo. Before rising to Scurzolengo, turn right on the rise bringing to Bricco Gioia, towards Castagnole Monf.to; rise through the forest for 800 m on a narrow street with many bends. Then descend again; once you reach the bottom, ride along the ancient kiln in Castagnole Monf.to and turn right towards Asti: straight ahead descending lightly. After 4/5 km, in the hamlet of Valenzani, turn left towards Refrancore; rise for 3 km (with 12% slope stretch). Move on the other side of the hill, go down, rise up and then down again. Once you reach the crossroads, follow the road towards Castagnole Monf.to.

    After a couple of km, turn right to the hamlet of Santo Stefano. The road sharply rises, with 15/20% slope stretches. At the top, near a small chapel, turn right, rise again and ups and downs on the hill. After 5 km, you reach Montemagno.

    Before taking the rise that brings to Grana, turn right on the bypass (very short). At the bottom of a short slope, turn again right towards Casorzo; long slope with bends. Ride 4/5 km before reaching Casorzo, with a short but steep rise. At the traffic-lights in Casorzo, turn left: rise delicately towards the village outskirts, then descend towards Grazzano. Straight road, narrow bend, straight road again then rise up to Grazzano.

    You can have a break on the sports arena square and then go towards Moncalvo.

    If you want, you can deviate to visit the Madonna dei Monti Church (Mounts’ Virgin Mary Church) turning right; 3 km rising to enjoy, at the top, the stele dedicated to Pietro Badoglio, Italian field marshal (in the village you can also visit the museum named to the famous citizen). Take again the road to Moncalvo, you’ll find other gentle slopes, up to the Aleramic town buttresses. Before entering Moncalvo, at the bottom of a slope, turn left on the SS towards Calliano. We recommend to pay attention, above all on the working days, to trucks transit. There are 4/5 km “at risk”, the only stretch of the whole itinerary. Here start descending towards Calliano: 1/2 km on fluent road, but pay attention to the traffic.

    Once you reach Penango, you’ll find 2 km  rising, wide and gentle. At the top of the rising, turn left (crossroads to Montemagno) and take the small bypass that excludes the village of Calliano.

    Go ahead towards San Desiderio, Scurzolengo, Portacomaro, a hill panoramic stretch, rich in ups and downs on the hills.


    Starting and arrival:  Portacomaro

    Total length: 55 km

    Rising: 293 m

    Descending: 138 m

    Difficulty: average

    Bottom: Paved road

    Best period: from April to June and from September to October












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