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The City of Moncalvo-en

The City of Moncalvo

Of Roman origin, Moncalvo has been, through the centuries, property of Asti Church, of Graffagno Family, Of the Monferrato Marquis, who made it tha capital city, and then passed to the Saluzzo Marquis (1306) and then again to the Paoleologi family of Monferrato (1309). It came under several foreign occupation and became then part of the Gonzaga Dukedom of Mantua, who gave it as a feud to several masters (in 1604 to Galeazzo from Canossa, in 1619 to Rolando Natta, in 1671 to Filiberto, Marquis of Ceva); in 1691 it came under a sack by the imperial army, led by Eugenio Savoy. Then it definitely  passed under the control of the Savoy Family in 1704. On the 9th of August 1774, Victor Amadeus III declared it a City. In 1908 it owns again the suburbs of Castellino, San Vincenzo, Patro and Santa Maria which were annexed in 1705 to the Municipality of Penango.

Nowadays the City of Moncalvo takes part at the “Palio di Asti”. This is an event that roots in the Middle Age, to celebrate the Patron Saint of Asti S. Second and culminate in a horse race, ridden without the saddle, which takes place the third Sunday of September in the central Alfieri Square in Asti. Moncalvo has been taking part since 1929 and has won the Palio during four editions since 1967.

Don’t miss visiting the Castle Remains (medieval building, Monferrato Marquis residence, destroyed at the end of the XIX century, only some great towers remain); City Hall (ex Nun Convent from the XVII century on previous structure); the Town Theatre (1878, built on the remains of the ancient guard house); Testa Fochi Palace (from XVIII century, on a late medieval structure); “Madonna delle Grazie” Church (from the middle of CVIII century); Monferrato Marquis House (earthenware tile decorations, from XV century); Lanfrancone House (some gothic facade remains, from XIII century); S. Anthony Church (from XVII century), hosts some paintings by Caccia and his school; S. Francesco Parish Church (apse from XIII century), hosts paintings by Gugliemo Caccia and his school; “Bottega del vino” (Wine small shop), located in one of the great towers from the XIV century of the Gonzaga Manor house.

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The City of Moncalv

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