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Western Monferrato – Cerrina Valle and its surroundings

You’ll ride through villages in Valle Cerrina, among hills covered by vineyards up to reach San Quilico Tower dating back at the XII century, bell tower of the ancient S. Quilico parish church, now disappeared.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi


    From the parking in Cerrina Valle or from the stop sign in Via Casale Molino, turn right and after few metres, at the first crossroads, turn following the road sign to Varengo. Proceed rising up to the crossroads and turn left towards Blengi.
    Go on rising on the paved road for about 1,5 km, that then turns into a gravel road. Go on rising with no deviations; getting close to the hill top, the rise gets stronger and the road turns into dirt patch; at the highest and most scenic point, there’s a clearing (way point 21), simply equipped for barbecues.
    Here starts the slope and after about 100 m. you’ll cross another dirt patch road, turn right to an easy slope (pay attention to the furrow caused by rain and tractors); descending, you’ll reach a gravel road, go ahead for 300 m. and turn left at the crossroads (A Variant at the view point, proceeding you can shorten the itinerary, ideal for the untrained).
    Leave the gravel road and turn left descending for 1,5 km, again on the gravel that turns into a very steep descending paved road. At the last turn, just beyond Santa Liberata Church, you’ll be in Case Alemanno; here you can shorten the itinerary, taking the B Variant.
    With the church on your back, take the rising dirt patch road, go ahead up to a hamlet called Ca’ d’Oddone. You are again on the paved road and, after the last house, after a right turn, you’ll find another road; here turn left (if you go straight up to the viewpoint C Paved Variant to Villamiroglio), after few metres you’ll find the gravel road to Villamiroglio; take the SP 4 and, after 700 m., take the first road on the right at the beginning of the turn. Go straight up to cross another road, turn right and, after two turns, next to a house, turn again right and after 700 m. take the dirt patch road with the sign “Ruderi del castello dei Miroglio”.
    This road leads to a paved road near the cemetery of Varengo; go ahead rising towards the village, turn right and, after few metres, you’ll see an arch among the houses; if you want to visit the Sant’Eusebio Church, go through the arch to reach the central square and the church.
    Coming back to the SP, turn right and go on towards Rosingo, up to see a yellow chapel on your right (way point dirt patch slope D Variant); going ahead on the paved road, you reach Cerrina Monferrato and on the SP, turn right and you’ll reach the starting point, Cerrina Valle.

    A Variant
    From the waypoint A Variant, going on up to the paved road and you’ll be at the entrance of Varengo. Turn right and follow the indication already explained.

    B Variant
    From Case Alemanno to waypoint 006, go beyond the church keeping it on your left and go ahead up to the dirt patch road on the right with the sign “Ruderi del Castello dei Miroglio” and follow the indication already explained.

    C Variant
    From Ca’ Oddone to the way point C Variant, don’t turn left and, proceeding on the paved route, you’ll reach Villamiroglio.

    D Variant
    From the waypoint, take the dirt patch slope, turn right in front of the yellow chapel and take the dirt patch road, that turns into a grassy road (pay attention to the furrows); once you reach the paved road, turn right and again right on the SP and you’ll get to the parking, itinerary starting point in Cerrina Valle.


    Starting and arrival: Parking in Cerrina Valle
    Total length: 17,5 km
    Rising: 624 m
    Descending: 580 m
    Itinerary: paved, dirt patch and gravel road
    Best period: from April to June and from September to the end of October.












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