Western Casale Monferrato

This itinerary twists and turns between the plain and the hills. From Casale rising on the hills overlooking the river Po, you’ll rise up to Camino, dominated by the ancient castle which dates back at 1000, to go down again on the plain along the Po bank.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi


    This itinerary twists and turns throughout the plain and hills, starting from Casale Monferrato, Castle Square. Take Via XX Settembre towards Coniolo – Pontestura, go beyond the Lanza Canal and the former Eternit factory, now under recovery; at the bend beyond the church, take the rising road on your left: it’s a scenic route that allows an amazing view on the town, the surroundings and the Alps. Proceed and go down to the Coniolo – Pontestura road, turn left at the STOP sign and, rising, you’ll reach “Regione Torcello”; keep the right going beyond the “Golfino” and “Motonautica Associazione Casalese”; take the right at the next crossroads (gravel road) and, after 1,3 km you’ll see a paved road on your left that brings to “Coniolo Bricco”; cross the village, go beyond the Church, go to the viewpoint where you can refill your water bottle at the fountain. Turn around the church and the cemetery to take again the road to Pontestura (if you want a stronger stretch, at the crossroads keep the right and go straight to the next steep rise, you’ll reach anyway the Coniolo – Pontestura road; after few metres, turn right and take the paved rising road bringing to “Cascina Smeralda”; at the end of the rise, go ahead on dirt patch road and then down through a vineyard and take again the road to Pontestura).
    Turn right on the paved road and you’ll reach Pontestura; at Bruno Ravioli Factory, turn right and then take the first road on your left, pass in front of the Carabinieri Station and the Church; at the STOP sign, turn right on “Via Trino”, here you leave the village and the road turns into dirt patch, turn left rising; you’ll ride on the hill ridge up to Camino. When you are on the main square, turn right on the S.S. Pontestura, going down with huge hairpin turns, reach and cross the bridge on the river Po. After 380/400 m turn right on gravel road towards Pobietto; keep the left up to reach Pobietto (you can visit the Rice Culture Museum – to visit the museum you can call Canepa 0142 85198 or Morano Townhall 0142 85330). Leave Pobietto passing in front of the Museum and go ahead up to the overpass and then on the bank.
    When you reach Morano sul Po, you can have a tour through the village and then come back again on the bank, turn left towards Casale Monferrato, turn right at the end of the bank, reach and cross the bridge over the river Po, turn right and run along or ride on the Lungo Po; then cross the bypass and you’ll reach the starting point, “Piazza Castello” (Castle Square).

    (1) Beyond this point, the bank isn’t so clear (you can pass anyway, but there are wild plants and canes for 1,6 km; then the bank finishes and you’ll take again the main itinerary).

    (2) Beyond the bridge, keep the right to rise up on the upper bank on the left; after a hundred metres take the bank that turns right (if you go straight ahead, you’ll go towards the river Po, on the main itinerary).


    Starting and arrival: Casale Monferrato
    Total length: 37 km
    Rising: 452 m
    Descending: 442 m
    Itinerary: paved, dirt patch and gravel road
    Best period: from April to June and from September to the end of October. Avoid the stretch between Pontestura and Camino after the rain.










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