Castles and Churches, terraces on the Alps

Panoramic itinerary with amazing views on the Alps and ups and downs through Barbera and Grignolino vineyards. Through small villages clung on hills, looking like cribs you’ll see baroque and country churches.

Italia Slow in bici e a piedi




    Park your car in Cereseto in Umberto I square, fill your canteen at the fountain and go rising to the centre of the village following the signal “Castello”, which deserves a visit, it’s one of the most charming castles in Monferrato, with a fairy aspect. After making a hundred pictures, let’s go on with our tour, at the Stop sign of the castle, turn right almost leaving the village and, at the next Stop sign, cross the crossroads, following the roadsign to “Ottiglio“. If you don’t want to see the castle, from the square follow the road sign to “Moncalvo – Asti” and few metres after turn left to “Ottiglio”. After about 700 m on your left there’s a dirt patch road (Wp sterrato 8) for about 1 km. then go down on paved road, at the Stop sign turn right and after about 50 m, take the dirt patch road on your left (Wp sterrato 81) about 700 m long, that then turn into a grass road and then you’ll reach the paved again. Go ahead up to the sign “Cascina Buffalora superiore” (Wp strada bianca 7), take these gravel road which, rising, brings us to this e3mpty house, cross the yard and leave it from the left and go down up to find the paved road again; this road brings to Cascina Merli and, turning left, you’ll reach SS487, then turn right and, when you meet the first dirt patch road, just before the end of the guardrail, near a farmhouse, take the dirt patch road on your right, go beyond the house at (Wp 0071), when you reach the second right bend, leave the main road  (don’t worry if you go ahead, keep on the left and you’ll reach Treville anyway) to climb on a grass road and after less than 1 km, you’ll reach the top of the hill where you’ll take a gravel road and then a paved road; you climb enjoying the surrounding landscape and the church of Treville which overlooks the village from the top of the hill; ride along the S. Quirico Church and the hamlet of “Solito“, keep on the right after the cemetery, we reach Treville and we go directly to the church (there’s a free telescope on the square); you can see Cereseto, where our tour started, our next stop, Sala Monferrato, and the Alps.

    After making some photos, leave the church and, if you need some water, turn left under the church and you’ll find a square with a fountain. Then go back and continue on the main road going down up to the Stop sign, turn right towards “Sala Monferrato“; after 200 m., at the crossroads, keep on the left and rise following the road signs towards “Rosignano” and “Cellamonte” (NO “Sala M.”, which is all paved). Then follow the road sign on your right down towards “via Savoia” and “B&B la Savoia”; after the B&B you’ll reach a grass road going down (pay attention to the tractors furrow), to a gravel road; turn right and after about 300 m, turn right again on a dirt patch road (Wp sterrato 12); then you’ll reach again the paved road, go ahead up to Sala Monferrato (for a touristic tour turn tight towards Cereseto, when you’ll reach the church climb the ramp with the arch and you’ll reach the old S. Francesco church, dating back at XIV century, with an amazing view). Go back, at the Stop sign go ahead, leave the village and take the road to “Ottiglio“, go beyond the cemetery, leave the paved road to take the gravel road in front of you and go ahead for about 900 m. up to find a dirt patch road going down on your left; go on the other side of the hill, going through some houses; go ahead rising on the paved road up to reach the SP 36, turn right (we’re almost at the end of our tour), after about 1,5 km notice at your right a rising gravel road, it deserves a last effort to climb to the top of the hill where you can enjoy in all its splendor the Castle and the village; here go down on the grass road and you’ll reach again the starting point.


    Starting and arrival: Cereseto, Umberto I square

    Total length: 20,6 km

    Rising: 700 m

    Descending: 778 m

    Difficulty: average

    Duration: 1:45

    Bottom: paved, gravel and dirt patch road

    Treville variation:

    Total length: 2,8 km

    Rising: 144 m


    Avoid after some rainy days


    altimetria castelli e chiese balcone










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