Fortress of Verrua Savoia


During the autumn 1704, Vittorio Amedeo II’s Ducato di Savoia was under attack by the French and Spanish armies. Their goal was the conquest of the Savoia state. Only one last fortress was left to stand on the way to Turin, the capital, it’s the Verrua fortress. Thanks to the enduring defence of Verrua, they surrendered to the enemies only after six long months of siege, Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoia won against the French in the Turin battle of 1706.” target=”_self” class=”gdl-button medium” style=”color:#ffffff; background-color:#64a3b0; border-color:#50828d; “>contatta la struttura


10020 Verrua Savoia (To) Comune di Verrua Savoia
tel. 0161.849112

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