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From Casale to Valenza along the river Po

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    Starting point at the railway station in Casale Monferrato, where you can visit Mazzini Square, the Synagogue, the Cathedral, the City Tower, the Theatre and the Castle.
    Going along the river Po, follow the route for Frassineto, then among poplar and rice fields, go ahead towards Ticineto. Cross twice the creek Rotaldo and you’ll reach Valmacca, where you can admire the City Hall, ancient medieval palace. From Valmacca, go ahead to Rivalba and then Bozzole; going ahead towards the State Highway, you can admire the Pomaro Castle, overlooking the valley from the hill. A short but steep rise brings to Montevalenza, where you can stop and enjoy the view on the Po.
    A visit to the “gold town” let you discover the old town and an amazing view from the panoramic viewpoint of Viale Padova. After a look to the exquisite goldsmith shopping windows, you can come back to Casale Monferrato by train, or by bike on another itinerary.
    Once left Valenza and taken the street to S. Salvatore, after skirting the hamlet of Valparolo, turn right and take the country route to Fosseto, where you can visit Villa Genova Garden. Going through Villabella, a suburb of Valenza, go towards Giarole and then towards Occimiano. After the flyover on the motorway, take a dirt patch route on the left, that brings to the consortium route of Lanza Canal and, going ahead on dirt patch for 10 km, you’ll be back to Casale Monferrato.


    Starting and arrival: Railway Station in Casale Monferrato
    Total length: 65 km
    Itinerary: paved, dirt patch and gravel road
    Best period: from April to October







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